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In addition to semi-custom suites, Andrea Woodlee Design offers custom wedding design services, always designed with your love in mind. From your Save the Dates announcing your engagement, to the escort cards at each seat of the tables you've carefully planned, to the thank you cards sent out with a beautiful photo from your big day, I love watching your story as a couple unfold—

literally, on paper!
Invitations are the first thing your guests will see when it comes to your wedding day, and going custom ensures that you set the tone you've envisioned. By creating custom stationery for your wedding day, you've created a tangible representation of the new beginnings of your marriage. My goal as your custom stationer is to leave the two of you with something you can cherish for years to come, like a house monogram, a floral stamp, a venue illustration, and of course, the experience itself!

On the Custom Experience: How does it work?

While each wedding suite involves its own grand love story, AWD Wedding couples follow the same tried and true project plan. Our project is outlined in four phases: Information, Inspiration, Design, and Production. Build out your custom quote by choosing from 3 premium AWD wedding suite packages: Classic, Grand, or Luxe (with the option to tack on any number of Design + Labor Upgrades). An AWD custom wedding suite, on average, takes 4 months from initial point of contact to the day they're sent out into the world. In favor of efficiency, much of the process is interactive and automated to ensure I provide you with the best experience.


Not seeing what you're looking for? Send me an email!


On Timelines: When should we start?

I recommend that we start planning your invitations 6 months out from your wedding. Of course this timeline may not work for you if you have a shorter engagement, so you and I will establish a clear timeline for your custom project that works for both of us right away during our 30-minute video/phone call. The average AWD couple receives their invitations within 4 months of initial contact, but​ I've done a fully custom wedding suite in as little as 3 weeks, and as long as 10 months.


It all depends on the amount of revision rounds, the scope of work, the add-ons, and most importantly, the communication!


On your end, there are a few steps that may take longer than you'd expect, like gathering and formatting everyone's addresses for envelope printing, or setting up the hotel discount code for your details card. It's best to start the design process with all of your information confirmed and arranged, but that's certainly not necessary. We can get the design pinned down in advance and come back to the nitty gritty details when it's time to order.

Fill out the form below and I'll have a quote to you within 72 hours. Do you have more questions about the custom design process before receiving your quote? I might have answered them on my FAQ! You can also email me and we can discuss your ideas or set up your complimentary 30-minute video/phone call.

let's talk!

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