202 Winter Wind is a dream come true - a special place rich in unique history, in fellowship, in determination, and, of course, in fun.

Built in the 1980’s, this ten acre property was once a popular resort at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, USA. Abandoned for many years, it became an overgrown eyesore for the community...


... Until 2015, when three couples who regularly vacation at the lake found the property listed online for a quarter of its original value. Having always dreamed of retiring somewhere on the lake, these couples took the plunge and bought this gigantic wasteland without any real plan.


Here’s where I come in. After forming an LLC group (appropriately named “PBR and a Prayer” after their Bible study group) in order to be recognized as per the city of Sunrise Beach’s building codes, these families reached out to me in order to create shared spaces and unify the spacious property via material selection, way-finding, and strategic planning; focusing on communal spaces that will enrich the shared experience for the three families in order to holistically sustain and enjoy their ten acre property for years to come.


The image above is 202 Winter Wind, once known as Vinny's on the Water, in 2012 before any construction had happened.

Overview of Existing Grounds

As of Spring 2016, The original 600 square ft cabins have been raised, the terrain has been leveled, and parcels have been divided between the families in preparation for building. The “Barndominium” structure is just a facade, waiting on interior and exterior material selections. The beachfront remains untouched, with the same dirt road serving as the central (and only) means of egress. Each family has chosen a rough outline of where their foundation will lie once they begin construction on their individual homes.

Project Proposal:

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