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Andrea Woodlee Design services are categorized by Branding, Stationery, and Wedding packages. Browse these categories under my Services tab for more information. Each package involves its own contract and process tailored to the needs of your project; inquire about a particular package to learn more about the process. If your project description does not fit the packages listed below, I offer fully custom work when my schedule allows it. Head to my contact page to drop me a message about the project you're dreaming up! Depending on availability and scope of work, I'd love to work with you.

mini branding package                                       $975+


The Mini Branding Package is a fast-paced branding experience. This package is tailored to your unique needs rather than checking a list of standard design features. New to social media? I can create your Facebook banners, Instagram story templates, and the like. I’ll get to know more about you and your goals for your new brand, and we can discuss potential collateral in addition to what's included.

This particular package is tailored to small scale brands, like a new biz owner, or a one-woman show. The goal of this package is to build a cohesive brand that can grow with your long term development at whatever rate you desire. For many of my Mini Branding clients, this is the first time they have given this much thought to their brand. Meaning, it's OK if you don't know what you want. We just might find it.


To see if you are in a position to take on the Mini Branding package, I encourage you to read through the form below.

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classic branding package                                     $3000+


The Classic Branding package is perfect for building a small scale brand and accompanying collateral from the ground up. We're working together to bring your brand identity to life. For a salon downtown, this looks like storefront vinyl signage, rack cards, brown paper bags. For a freelancer in their home office, it's custom letterhead, business cards, stickers. For a florist, it's custom flower boxes, accompanying thank you notes.


It's whatever you want. And if you're investing in this package, you kinda know what you want. We'll walk through the space, whether it's in a brick and mortar or in your mind, and you'll rattle off all those ideas while I nod enthusiastically.  Next, I'll source all of our ideas. And then, we build!


We take our time with this package, because we're doing this thing once, and we're doing it right.

Interested in the Classic Branding Package? Fill out the form here.

personal stationery package                                $495


A collection of branded stationery designed to leave your mark.


Think of the Personal Stationery Package as an even mini-er Mini Branding Package!

This set of goodies is perfect for personal or professional use, establishing

your name in a signature style that can you use again and again. 

   Simple 2-Part Logo Design

   Personal signature and Icon Design to Use as a Sign-off, Favicon, etc.

  • Signature logo for you or brand

  • Coordinating sub mark for icon use
  • Web and print files

   Printable Letterhead


  • ​Letterhead design and print file
  • Word file with printing instructions on printing this letterhead from your home printer to print your letter on your custom letterhead.

   Custom Notecards and Business Cards

  • 25 square notecards and coordinating envelopes and 100 business cards featuring your custom design.

Andrea Woodlee Design Custom Thank You Cards Invitations Stationery
Andrea Woodlee Design Custom Thank You Cards Invitations Stationery

an introduction to #AWDWedding

In addition to semi-custom suites, Andrea Woodlee Design offers custom wedding services, always designed with you in mind. From your Save the Dates announcing your engagement, to the escort cards at each seat of the tables you've carefully planned, to the thank you cards sent out with a beautiful photo from your big day, I love watching your story as a couple unfold—literally, on paper!


Invitations are the first thing your guests will see when it comes to your wedding day, and going custom ensures that you set the tone you've envisioned. By creating custom stationery for your wedding day, you've created a tangible representation of the new beginnings of your marriage. My goal as your custom stationer is to leave the two of you with something you can cherish for years to come, whether that be a custom monogram, a floral element, a venue illustration, and of course, the custom experience itself!

If you're considering AWD for your custom wedding stationery vendor, fill out the questionnaire below and I will get to work on building out your custom proposal.

For more information, check out my Wedding Services page!