Currently Coveting | Volume 04

It's time for volume 4 of my #currentlycoveting series! 2017 update: my New Year's Resolution is to only shop every other month, and unfortunately January is not a shopping month, so here are the things I've been ogling to get me through this truly difficult time. Enjoy!


We all have that one used-to-be-cute TJ Maxx rug we got for $49.99 six years ago. It probably looks exactly like the one underneath the cowhide in the photo above. I've owned it, almost all of my college roommates owned it, and it's on sale at Target. Side note—I am very over this pattern. Let's all move past quatrefoil and transition to windowpane, please and thank you.

I'm no longer coveting this particular trend because I finally found my dream rug at a realistic price point (keep reading to see a picture!) and was able to say goodbye to said TJ Maxx rug, but I wanted to share this for anyone looking to revamp a tired living room. While the pattern of your TJ Maxx equivalent may be a little dated, the size might be perfect for your space, and a brand new 8x10 rug can run you a few hundred dollars. As an effort to save money and add some flair, try layering a smaller cowhide on top of your existing rug.

Cowhides can drastically range in price depending on the seller, but I've found some bargains at local markets and Eugene's Craigslist this year. This could be because I live in a hipster utopia, but Joss & Main, eCowhides and World Market have beautiful hides, both real and faux, for under $200 with online promos going throughout the year. Check those links out!


Shea McGee, also known as the Queen of Interior Design Instagram, is my soul sister. I love her, and I think she likes me too because sometimes she likes my Instagram posts when I use the Studio McGee hashtag #SMMakeLifeBeautiful. Studio McGee recently started making YouTube webisodes featuring their latest projects and design savvy, and I just can't get enough. Their style is eclectic and structured, and natural light seems to always the star of the show, just how I like it. Also, seeing the behind-the-scenes of their big installs reminds me of my summer interning in Chicago.

Syd & Shea have built an impressive firm from the ground up, and have surrounded themselves and their clients with undeniable beauty; after following them for years and watching their accomplishments grow more and more, I can't help but hope that the future looks half as bright for me.

If you're looking for some fast and easy inspiration, click the image above to be directed to their YouTube channel!


As featured on a number of my Instagram posts (shameless plug), my boyfriend's grandmother is a very talented painter, and we're lucky to have two 30x40 custom paintings in our apartment proudly on display. They fit our space so perfectly (pictured below), and each one is so special to both of us. Lately, I've considered reframing them with a simple brushed brass floating frame. I love the look of a totally exposed canvas with a hint of beautiful framework, and I found the perfect style at a local shop in town, but after receiving a hefty estimate for some other frames we have above our sofa (also pictured below; please enjoy our solo New Year party featuring Mancala and cheesecake) I'm gonna need to hold off on any framing projects until I win the lottery.


Fun fact: I own the round Saarinen Tulip Table pictured above thanks to my boyfriend's family and an amazing Craigslist sale (I'm telling you: if you want a good thrifting experience, move to Oregon!), which has led to my rediscovery of the iconic Mies van der Rohe Brno chair. I love seeing how others style this table, and a designer favorite is the Tulip + four pristine Brno chairs.

One of my first homework assignments in undergrad was to draw by hand a number of famous chairs throughout architectural history, and the Brno was my favorite, but only because it was really easy. Now, I'm falling back in love with the feminine lines, and although I wouldn't put these in my own home, I would love to incorporate these into a downtown Portland marketing agency's loft office or something.


Another favorite begging to be front and center in a downtown loft: the neon sign. These things are everywhere right now and I think they're fantastic. The items pictured above are upwards of $300 per sign, but Urban Outfitters has a few around $100, and if you're brave, you can do it yourself for 1/3 of the cost. For even cheaper, you can use neon rope light to enhance existing wall art, like the images below:

I love that this trend has made its way into residential and office spaces. It's fun and chic, and it's a great way to fill that one bare spot on a wall. Hopefully I can talk someone into playing with this soon!


Now, as discussed earlier, I did just find the 8x10 love of my life in a sale bin at Pottery Barn, and we are blissfully happy together. Here he is, in all his glory:

Unfortunately, the heart wants what it wants, and one funky rug is just not enough. I now have big dreams of this other rug as a runner at the foot of our bed with a cayenne upholstered teak bench from West Elm on top, probably holding all of our unfolded laundry.

This can't be mine, at least any time soon. I don't actually even know if there's room in front of our bed for my latest design fantasy, and I promised myself I would stick to my resolution this year. Someone else needs to buy this and send me pictures of it every day so that I kinda feel like it's mine.

So concludes this month's round-up! What have you been coveting lately? Let me know in the comments section!

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