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We've lived in this apartment for almost 2 years, the first time either of us has ever renewed a lease! I know I've complained about its lack of visual interest and our shady landlords in the past, but I think we're both secretly going to miss this place. It's where Kyndl learned to hang drapes and make very basic meals, and where I've spent all of my free time fine-tuning, doing everything in my measly tenant power to create a beautiful home (I came very close to buying peel-and-stick backsplash and $200 of temporary wallpaper before Kyndl told me I was crazy).

Moving in together was a big, scary step, and moving across the country was an even bigger, scarier one, but we did it! We drove out here separately, him with his mom and me with my parents and the cat. It felt so fitting to share that last week with our parents, closing one chapter of our individual lives and beginning our life together. We've shared countless new experiences and we've learned from each other each day. We've grown to love each other in ways that weren't even on our radar when we first said "I love you."

Through many decor dilemmas and and successes in this place, it's clear that "home" doesn't have a price tag, it's a feeling. We're two 20-somethings on a budget, but we've jam-packed this place full of our beautiful collected memories, and the love we share is definitely the best feature.

I've shown our 2017 update on the blog, but today I'm sharing some super special images from the crazy-talented Lacey White Photo Co. She came into our 700 sq ft. builder-grade apartment and was able to capture our feeling of "home"—something we've strived for since moving in together. This photo album means so much to me, I'm dreaming of sharing these moments of our lives with our children one day. Lacey, we can't thank you enough!

Ladies and gentlemen, Kyndl + Andrea's First Apartment!

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