Currently Coveting | Volume 03

It's time for another #currentlycoveting post! These are so fun to write, and I'll be totally honest: the budget is tight this month, so I'm feeling particularly covetous. My boyfriend is waiting on his first month's grad school stipend, and I just started a new job, so we've been mostly living off of a $25 Walmart gift card we received before our move to Oregon. There are so many things I want to purchase for our apartment, but it's just not an option right now, so I'm sharing my latest obsessions with you! Each image links you to the source, so click away and get shoppin'!


My first object of desire this month is lucite furniture. This 1940s trend is back with a vengeance in 2016, and while I am not one to jump onto imitation trends, it's hard to refuse a quality lucite piece. I've seen budget-friendly acrylic replicas of Phillippe Starck's iconic Ghost Chair everywhere from Tuesday Morning to IKEA, but, in my opinion, nothing compares to the real thing. If you're looking for a temporary trend piece, a replication chair or coffee table might be worth your money, but don't be surprised when that plastic gives out on you. Good lucite is thick and crystal clear, whereas the imitation furniture can be flimsy and often a bit opaque. Luckily, I'm broke this month, so I won't be purchasing anything, but if I ever do, I would invest in the elegance of the real stuff.


hanging plants

I know where my next paycheck is going! In my last apartment, I had an array of potted plants hanging from Command strips on my living room walls for about 2 weeks. It was actually kind of cute, before they began to smell rancid . . .

I think I have a black thumb.

Urban Outfitters sells a variety of minimalist plant holders that I'm dying to get my hands on, although I do feel that with a pair of wire cutters, you could make these yourself for half the price. (If you've ever made your own plant hanger, comment below!)

Plants are a great filler to any awkward space. Our new apartment has a few voids that don't necessarily call for more furniture, so I'm hoping to fill them with life. Now that I live in Oregon, I feel this weird responsibility to connect with nature. Perhaps plants are the answer?


spot painting

There must be a name for this concept, but I haven't been able to find the proper terminology. Essentially, you block off a particular section in a room and paint every single object within that space the same color. The picture on the left is a 30 minute project featured on Genevieve Gorder's Instagram: she sectioned a triangle imitating the cast of light given off from the outdoor lantern and chose a bright yellow to paint everything within that area—plants included! This is such a lovely idea, and if you're looking to add a statement to your place, it only costs a gallon of paint. Just make sure you're allowed to paint first!

Mustard yellow

I've always had an affinity for all things counterculture, especially within the design realm. 1970s fashion is my jam, and mustard yellow is kind of a #permanentlycoveting for me. I am addicted to this controversial color.

Three years ago, I bought a pair of vintage mustard yellow lamp stands from a Goodwill for $4 total. I originally intended to paint them, probably a mint green or something (so 2013!) but I never got around to it, and now they are perfectly on trend.

Because it's such a statement color, I recommend using accessories rather than paint or a big sectional sofa. A little goes a long way!


Oushak rugs

Introducing the classic Persian rug's lesser known Turkish cousin, the Oushak. I'm absolutely loving this heavy wool Oriental style rug. Similar to Persian rugs, Oushaks have that lived-in, sunstained look. The difference is in the motifs as well as the color palette; the Turkish influence is often displayed with softer pastel tones. The firm I interned for this summer introduced me to this style, and I've since had my eyes peeled for one of my own. This is definitely the type of rug you want to buy antique if you want that traditionally worn look. My bosses bought most of their antique rugs from Jayson's Home in Chicago as well as the annual be–all and end–all Brimfield flea market, but I'll be sticking with Craigslist until I'm a millionaire.

(Sidenote for everyone wondering: it's pronounced "OO-shack." It was a proud day in the Leo Designs studio this summer when I secretly Googled "How to Pronounce 'Oushak'" without letting my bosses know I had no idea what kind of rug they were asking me to shop for.)

(Additional sidenote: someone PLEASE take me to Brimfield some day!)


Here's my list this month! What are you coveting?

Let me know in the comments!

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