Currently Coveting | Volume 02

June has come and gone, so it's time for my second #currentlycoveting post! This month was spent designing, designing, and a little more designing. I've been assisting my sister, my boyfriend's mother, and a few friends with their mini home makeovers, a few people have taken me up on my résumé graphic design services, and of course my parents' renovation still occupies a bit of my time. In addition to that, I have an amazing internship that you'll hear all about in this post. Here are the things I've been coveting (and trying to force my friends and relatives to splurge on) this month!


This summer I am interning for a full service interior design firm in Chicago, and I have been introduced to so many amazing high end labels that I never would have discovered within my means (read: budget). One of my daily tasks as an intern includes maintaining an organized materials library, so I have my hands on some seriously luxurious textiles every day.

Cole & Son is a favorite wallpaper manufacturer for the firm I am interning at, and I can totally see why. The wallpaper fabric is luxurious and intricate, and the brand is insanely versatile; there are 22 unique collections to choose from, and each collection offers over 50 wallpapers. Check out the company here. My favorite is the Acquario design in the Fornasetti collection! SHOP THE LOOK


Technology has transformed the realm of architecture within the last few decades, and while I am typically a big fan of advances in design, lately it has started to overwhelm me a little. I want to get back to the basics, and I want to design spaces that revolve around interaction and comfort instead of electronics and wires.

Which has lead me to my most recent fixation: clocks. Simple, functional, and straight forward in their design, clocks bring me a sense of comfort. I remember when my elementary school classrooms transitioned from analog to digital clocks, and I was actually kind of bummed about it; obviously, I have been design savvy from a young age. A lot of major brands, including Nate Berkus, Crate & Barrel, and LL Bean, have been pushing for the return of the analog clock, and I am into it. Also, come on. That marble and gold combo is delicious. Long live traditional clocks! SHOP THE LOOK


Have you checked out your parents'/grandparents'/aunts' basements recently? Sounds weird, but I assure you that it is worth a look. My parents' basement has become somewhat of a burial grounds for furniture since my sisters and I have moved out, housing old college apartment kitchen tables, inheriting furniture from loved ones, and offering 600 sq ft for my mother to curate her very own packrat's paradise.

As of late, I've become so appreciative of my parents' hoarding tendencies. The other day we uncovered my mother's craft table from years of sewing projects only to reveal a mint condition chrome and formica dinette table from 1957 worth probably $1000 today, not including the 6 matching chairs. My mom and I have made many a 4H project on that table, but I have genuinely never seen what lay beneath the piles of clutter. This lady has spent the last 30 years sewing Halloween costumes on top of a gold mine!

My sisters and I have shopped around our parents' basement for years, reupholstering old chairs of our grandmothers' and spray painting antique china cabinets. I can't guarantee that you will stumble across a vintage treasure worth thousands, but maybe you'll be inspired to revamp a sentimental piece--and free up some room in your parents' basement.


Another major design discovery I've uncovered thanks to my internship: I am a sucker for a monochromatic wall. This is a signature of most projects done by the firm I'm working for, and it could be something I take with me when I go. The monochrome technique certainly has a time and a place; I have seen it work best on small entryways in old brownstones with 10' ceilings and thick, masculine crown molding, but that's not to say it can't be incorporated into a builder grade. DIY opportunity: beef up the trim in your house with some 8" crown molding to transform a drab dining room or entryway. Paint the baseboards, wall color, and ceiling trim the same paint color to create a dramatic ambience.

These are a few of the things I've been coveting this month! What about you? Let me know in the comments!

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