Currently Coveting | Volume 01

Introducing a new series on my blog, "Currently Coveting", where each month I post a round-up of all things design that I can't stop drooling over. **each SHOP THE LOOK links you to purchase the product!**


My favorite Pinterest trend! I LOVE this look and I need someone I know to have a baby and hire me to do their cool nursery because I have BIG plans and they include a plush faux fur rug, charcoal walls and an opal blue geometric chandelier.

A solid white throw is elegant and timeless, but I also love a good cow print rug. VERY cool in a mancave. Think distressed leather and bar carts and herringbone floors and fancy paperweights and a Barcelona chair. Mmm.



Another Pinterest trend having its moment in 2016 is the faux fur throw. A glam roomspiration image is not complete without the Aden Instagram filter and a vintage 6' brass-framed mirror—usually right next to the blush and cream Adidas Superstars on a white floating shelf.

I love the feminine vibe of an antique oval mirror with intricate detailing, and I also love the masculinity of a blunt, rectangular mirror made of a rustic wood. Either way, the piece of your choice can ground an otherwise empty wall as well as create dimension and play up the light in the room.


My sister was just given an old denim sofa, and as soon as I saw it I was reminded of so many childhood memories. My very cool godmother had a denim sleeper sofa in the 90s, and I vividly remember hiding under the covers and pretending to be asleep while my big sisters and their friends would watch PG-13 movies. In this setting is where I first saw Titanic, buried beneath a pile of blankets. In addition to all of the nostalgia, the denim sofa is also just an iconic piece of furniture, fit for a only the chic-est fashionista. Seriously—Cindy Crawford had one. My dream studio space would feature a cozy denim armchair that I could take naps in while my computer is frozen. Maybe my dream studio should also feature a freeze-proof rendering software.


Nothing ruins a beautiful design like visible electrical wires. Creating a sleek entertainment system like the image on the left eliminates the monstrosity that exposed cables create by secretly compartmentalizing everything in its proper place. If you're a midcentury modern fan (and who isn't?) Ikea has great options for customization, and West Elm is known for their crisp lines and hidden- wire-friendly furniture. This is a clean look that will never go out of style.


Recently I have been loving the industrial look of exposed bulbs, and the creative fixtures that have been developing around them. The cool thing about this trend is that it seems super DIY-able, and although I've never tried personally, one of my favorite bloggers of all time did a mudroom makeover featuring a simple DIY flush mount lighting fixture that I love. I wonder if she will see this. OMG I will melt. Hi Lauren.

Exposed lightbulbs can find great use as task lighting: I love the idea of a single Edison bulb on a wire hanging above a tiny side table next to a cozy chair. Perhaps my denim Cindy Crawford chair! Ok, my dream studio is coming together. Mood board coming soon.

I'm so excited to start this new series and I hope to incorporate a little more of myself in each post. I have wanted to be more personal on my blog, and rambling about cute stuff is something I am pleased to do. What are you coveting this month? Let me know in the comments!

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