Because I'm a chronic digital hoarder, I've made this secret page just for me and the few of you who clicked the link in my "Meet Andrea" bio. Here's where I stash all of my old interior design projects from undergrad. These are definitely not here for you to be inspired by my work... they're more for you to be impressed by my growth. 

I was sure that I was going to be an interior designer around the time I was 10. In my never-ending spare time as a kid, I rearranged my parents' furniture and drew up kitchen remodels for fun. Genevieve Gorder was everything I wanted to be in life. My high school offered an interior design class and I took it 3 years in a row, just because. 

When I got to college, so much of my projects were focused on graphic design and writing, which is what got me into blogging and freelancing. When I studied architecture for a summer in Berlin, I was further pushed into the "conceptual design" route, which mostly meant I had more fun drawing up the plans and creating the presentation board than I did executing the project. 

After college, my first four jobs were all loosely interior design-related: intern for a design firm, Pottery Barn sales associate, design assistant, graphic designer + social media coordinator for a homebuilder. Here's a snippet from the first resumé for AHD:


"One day I hope to find a way to merge my medley of creativity into one holistic job title, sharing this desire to create with a team of like-minded individuals.

Until then, I continue my pursuit." that's what I did, and that's what I'm doing now!

past projects

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