What's in it?


A January through December 2022 monthly desk calendar.

6 reversible 5"x7" prints on thick cotton paper. A simple birch wood stand.

Sustainable packaging. Easy access to monthly digital downloads.

Compact design and boutique packaging.

Gift wrapped with care.

Best wishes for the new year,

and a whole lot of love.


What inspired it?


I've been sharing free digital calendars on Instagram since January 2019 as a passion project of sorts. 2020's January mantra, "This is my year", did not age well. What started out as a poor choice of words for the year ahead is taking new forms as an annual calendar featuring 12 original prints and 100% recyclable materials. Turning lemons into lemonade, there's always money in the banana stand, etc.


I've shied away from releasing physical calendars in the past, because every product that leaves my studio must meet a list of sustainability standards. With just 8 pages of thick cotton paper and a simple birch plywood stand, those standards have been met. Recycled shipping boxes, compostable tissue paper, stickers, and packaging tape, and a festive cotton twine make this product completely recyclable.


Ever inspired by classic beatnik motifs and a retro-meets-modern rainbow palette, this is a passion project I look forward to creating for years to come.

Scroll down to download each month's calendar in phone digital form.

Select the month you're looking for, and hold down on your phone to save.

See you next year!


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This is your year!