an introduction to AWD Branding

Andrea Woodlee Design offers custom branding services,

tailored for new small biz owners and personal brands.


Take a look at some past projects by scrolling through the gallery below, or follow me on Instagram where I frequently share my latest projects. If you're interested in building your new branding collateral with me, fill out the forms linked below each branding package. 

Mini Branding package
starting at $975


The Mini Branding Package is a fast-paced branding experience. This particular package is geared toward self starters, like a new biz owner, or a one-woman show. Someone who is running their own website, writing their own email campaigns, etc. A hustler, a go-getter.


I'm not a designer who creates one logo for a The goal of this package is to build a cohesive brand that grows with you at whatever rate you desire. We'll create an organized logo family and print files, like business cards or rack cards, ready to be put to use. For many of my Mini Branding clients, this is the first time they have given this much thought to their brand. Meaning, it's OK if you don't know what you want. We just might find it. And when we do, you'll have the tools to grow.


To see if you are in a position to take on the Mini Branding package, I encourage you to read through the form below. It's fast-paced for a reason: This package has a no-nonsense project scope in order to keep us from endless back and forth. Any additional collateral will be considered a separate project with a separate scope and timeline.

Interested in a Mini Branding Package? Fill out the form here.


Where do I even begin! I contacted Andrea because
I was in need of a new logo to order some business cards.
She sent me her rates, where I decided to upgrade and do
her mini branding package! I am so thrilled with her work
and patience with me through this process! Andrea made
sure I was completely satisfied with my logos and knew
exactly the direction I wanted to go right off the bat!!
Andrea was very professional and very quick to respond
to all emails. There was a moment where I had no clue
what I wanted because she sent me so many designs
that I loved!!! I 100% would recommend Andrea! I know
for a fact I will be hiring Andrea again for the future!
Thank you so much you talented human!!!!
Sadie Mak Photos
Mini Branding Package Client



Individual Branding package
starting at $2500


A personal approach to transforming your vision into an operative brand. This package is tailored to your unique needs rather than checking a list of standard design features. Are you targeting your audience on social media? You'll need a solid media kit. I'll create your partnership decks, Instagram story templates, and the like. I’ll get to know more about you and your goals for your new brand, and we'll create a detailed project plan focused on you.


It's whatever you want. And if you're investing in this package, you kinda know what you want. We take our time with this package, designing the future of your brand with care. Because we're doing this thing once, and we're doing it right. 

Interested in an Individual Branding Package? Fill out the form here.

Andrea worked with me on a basic branding package for my

online presence. She was a joy to work with! She took the

random ideas I had and used them to build a cohesive collection.


The collateral Andrea provided made it easy for me to develop
consistency in my digital presence. Also, the paper products

included with my package were gorgeous and very high quality.

The mood board so completely represents me that I ended up

setting it as my laptop wallpaper! Every time I look at my logo,

name banner, and everything else Andrea provided it brings a

huge smile to my face! I highly recommend Andrea if you're

looking for help bringing polish and consistency to your brand.


Stephanie Muxfeld

Individual Branding Package Client

Small Biz Branding package
starting at $2500

The Small Biz Branding package is perfect for building a scaleable brand from the ground up. We're working together to bring your vision to life. For a salon downtown, this looks like storefront signage, rack cards, brown paper bags. For a florist, it's custom flower boxes, branded ribbon, and accompanying thank you notes. For a dispensary, it's packaging-focused product design and clever copy.


We'll walk through your space, whether it's a brick and mortar or in your mind, and you'll rattle off all those ideas while I nod enthusiastically.  You'll take your time responding to a thoughtful brand discovery questionnaire. I'll send over an in-depth project plan. And then, we build! A business is only as successful as its strategy. My goal is to create a unique experience not only for your customers, but yourself.



Interested in a Small Biz Branding Package? Fill out the form here.