24 Nov 2017

My Instagram feed has been in holiday mode since November 1, which, as someone who starts listening to Christmas music before Halloween, is a dream come true. I never get sick of the holiday spirit no matter how early it starts, but I've lived with "no Christmas until...

11 Jan 2017

It's time for volume 4 of my #currentlycoveting series! 2017 update: my New Year's Resolution is to only shop every other month, and unfortunately January is not a shopping month, so here are the things I've been ogling to get me through this truly difficult time. Enjo...

15 Dec 2016

Do you know anyone who just moved into an apartment that could use a little TLC? Here are some beautiful and functional ideas for the renter in your life!



Shoes and outerwear are the quickest way to clutter an entryway,...

6 Oct 2016

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If anyone from high school were to see this post, I imagine they would be very confused. I was what one might call a late bloomer in every sense of the phrase: I had braces until I was a junior and I didn't know how to use...

28 Sep 2016

It's time for another #currentlycoveting post!These are so fun to write, and I'll be totally honest: the budget is tight this month, so I'm feeling particularly covetous. My boyfriend is waiting on his first month's grad school stipend, and I just started a new job, so...

9 Jul 2016

June has come and gone, so it's time for my second #currentlycoveting post! This month was spent designing, designing, and a little more designing. I've been assisting my sister, my boyfriend's mother, and a few friends with their mini home makeovers, a few people have...

2 Jun 2016

Introducing a new series on my blog, "Currently Coveting", where each month I post a round-up of all things design that I can't stop drooling over.  **each SHOP THE LOOK links you to purchase the product!**


My favorite Pinterest trend! I...

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