8 May 2018

I'm sharing the highlights and missteps of starting a small biz at the tender age of 22.

10 Apr 2018

We've lived in this apartment for almost 2 years, the first time either of us has ever renewed a lease! I know I've complained about its lack of visual interest and our shady landlords in the past, but I think we're both secretly going to miss this place. It's where Ky...

14 Sep 2017

An update on our first year in Oregon, and a tour of every apartment I've ever lived in.

28 Sep 2016

It's time for another #currentlycoveting post!These are so fun to write, and I'll be totally honest: the budget is tight this month, so I'm feeling particularly covetous. My boyfriend is waiting on his first month's grad school stipend, and I just started a new job, so...

23 Aug 2016

This summer has been my first taste of the real world. They say there is no better teacher than experience, and interning for a high-end residential interior design firm in a fast-paced city has taught me more in one summer than an entire year of school could. So much...

9 Jul 2016

June has come and gone, so it's time for my second #currentlycoveting post! This month was spent designing, designing, and a little more designing. I've been assisting my sister, my boyfriend's mother, and a few friends with their mini home makeovers, a few people have...

2 Jun 2016

Introducing a new series on my blog, "Currently Coveting", where each month I post a round-up of all things design that I can't stop drooling over.  **each SHOP THE LOOK links you to purchase the product!**


My favorite Pinterest trend! I...

9 May 2016

Human Centered.








These are all modified terms for The Design Process. I've had the privilege of visiting numerous world-renowned architecture and design firms across the globe, and no matter their desi...

7 Apr 2016

 2016: the year of the Open Concept Floorplan.

Every HGTV show preaches that the key to happiness is absolutely no unnecessary walls. The formal living room, once a standard in American homes, has been reduced to nothing in order to make room for the 15' marble counter...

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