Currently Coveting | Volume 02

June has come and gone, so it's time for my second #currentlycoveting post! This month was spent designing, designing, and a little more designing. I've been assisting my sister, my boyfriend's mother, and a few friends with their mini home makeovers, a few people have taken me up on my résumé graphic design services, and of course my parents' renovation still occupies a bit of my time. In addition to that, I have an amazing internship that you'll hear all about in this post. Here are the things I've been coveting (and trying to force my friends and relatives to splurge on) this month! COLE & SON This summer I am interning for a full service interior design firm in Chicago, and I have been i

Post-Grad Life Update

It has officially been two months since my college graduation, and what a whirlwind these two months have been! The summer commenced with a two week trip to Ireland with my family, and I have been on the go since our return flight. My boyfriend lives in Louisville, my parents spend their summers at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri (where I have been assisting with their recent renovation--read about it here!), and I now have an internship in Chicago, so I've racked up quite a few miles on my Subaru. As I write this, my last seven nights have been distributed between two different states and four different beds. This post is an honest look into the peaks and valleys of my first sixty days a

A S  F E A T U R E D  O N

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