Well-Spent Weekends | Volume 05

Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland population: 1,920 people and 10,000+ sheep In celebration of my parents' 35th wedding anniversary, my family and I hopped on a plane from Chicago to Dublin, en route to a ten day Irish excursion. The entire trip was filled with fun, food, and laughter, but for the sake of this blog series I have chosen to focus specifically on the three days we spent in Dingle. "By the looks of ya's, you'll never make it to the Kingdom of God, but at least you made it to the Kingdom of Kerry." These were the first words spoken by our less-than-benevolent cab driver as we approached the town of Dingle. Even after spending the last four years in Horse Country, I have never seen so

Think Like a Designer

Human Centered. Division. Cycle. Research-based. Thesis. Investigative. Linear. Centralized. These are all modified terms for The Design Process. I've had the privilege of visiting numerous world-renowned architecture and design firms across the globe, and no matter their design preferences, they all abide by "The Design Process." The office culture of these firms have varied widely—the employee dynamic, dress code, architectural style, vernacular—but at the heart of that culture was some sort of standardized process each designer executed with each and every project. It is not new information that designers are, like, really cool. No matter the career path, no matter the product, designers

A S  F E A T U R E D  O N

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