2019 will be an unforgettable year for me. I survived my first year of business, found a therapist I trust and prioritized my healing, turned 25, bought myself a mom car, made major changes to my biz to prepare for the future, and no big deal but I'm kind of growin...

If you’re local to Eugene and you’ve got a yard debris bin, it’s time to put that thing to good use! As of October 1, 2019, our yard debris bins can be used as compost bins for green materials. Not sure what counts as a “green material”, or even what the heck compostin...

I asked my husband to write a small paragraph on what our wedding was for him, and here's what he texted me:

You know how the night before you go on a huge trip you can’t get to sleep, so you just have hours to play with and the anticipation just crescendos until it’s...

I'm sharing the highlights and missteps of starting a small biz at the tender age of 22.

This past Friday my work was featured in a beautiful styled shoot at FairWay in Salem, Oregon and I wanted to share some of the photos, not just of my work, but of all of the boss babe vendors. This was my first time ever doing a styled shoot, so I had absolutely no id...

We've lived in this apartment for almost 2 years, the first time either of us has ever renewed a lease! I know I've complained about its lack of visual interest and our shady landlords in the past, but I think we're both secretly going to miss this place. It's where Ky...

My Instagram feed has been in holiday mode since November 1, which, as someone who starts listening to Christmas music before Halloween, is a dream come true. I never get sick of the holiday spirit no matter how early it starts, but I've lived with "no Christmas until...

An update on our first year in Oregon, and a tour of every apartment I've ever lived in.

Long Beach, CA

Population: 462,257

 Life has been pretty mundane here in gloomy Oregon, so my boyfriend and I made a trip down to Long Beach, California to visit friends and family on his spring break. We have a very tentative plan to maybe move to southern California on...

It's time for volume 4 of my #currentlycoveting series! 2017 update: my New Year's Resolution is to only shop every other month, and unfortunately January is not a shopping month, so here are the things I've been ogling to get me through this truly difficult time. Enjo...

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2019: A Look Back on my First Full Year in Business

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