who I do it for


I often refer to AWD as a one-woman show, but I'd be nothing without these goofballs and their constant snuggles. Behind every project I put out is this dude bringing me coffee, this little babe taking a nap, and this cat taking up valuable space in my tiny studio. You'll see a lot of them on my blog and Instagram feed, so allow me to introduce you to my everythings!

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my husband


"Supportive" doesn't begin to describe all that you've been for me over the years. From late nights proofing my envelope addresses and scoring belly bands when I'd gotten in over my head, to encouraging me to take the plunge from side hustler to business owner, to bringing me my morning coffee and always tackling the dishes.


To loving me unconditionally, big dreams and wild hairs and slightly unscrewed toothpaste caps and all.

my daughter


 I can't wait to see you explore your own creativity as you grow, whatever that looks like to you. I'll encourage it always, with the same passion you've inspired within me in these early days. I look forward to all of the over-the-top birthday invitations and teacher appreciation notes I'll be making

you—always with your vision first and foremost, of course.

my cat


Benjamin Linus. You read that right. A seven year old cat who made the taxing cross-country move from Kentucky to Oregon with me, completely against his own will. So selfless. Without you lounging on important paper goods and printers, who would I hang out with during the work day? I would be so lonely.


You're the glue, Bub.








the blog






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