Hi! I’m Andrea Woodlee, a twentysomething graphic designer in Eugene, Oregon, making my way into wedding world with custom and semi-custom suites for couples across the country. In addition to wedding suites I also offer custom stationery design, as well as branding packages targeted primarily toward new small biz owners.


A little about me and the history of AWD: I come from a long line of card senders. Every birthday and holiday, for as long as I can remember, I've received a card or care package from my parents (including one lonely Valentine's Day in college when they attached a clump of my cat's hair inside of a card and signed it "somebody loves you"). 


Originally from the Midwest, I moved from my home state of Illinois to study interior design at the University of Kentucky. In one of my studio classes I was required to create an online portfolio for my design projects (you can still them view here because I can't get myself to delete them forever) which is when I started Andrea Haughey Design. This website was originally my design portfolio, but it became a way for me to share my words, projects, goods and services, no matter where life takes me.


I have an appreciation for old-school etiquette, like sending handwritten notes and doing more than writing "happy birthday" on someone's Facebook wall. My style is whimsical, eclectic, and unapologetically feminine, and it’s constantly evolving as I grow as a designer and a business owner. I'm so grateful to those who have worked with me over the years as this little passion project buds into the business I've always wanted: one where I can connect with my clients to put into existence the concept they've dreamed up in their minds.

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